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What Our Clients Say About Dynamic Roofing

  • Mark S


    Great company. Excellent and communicative salesperson. My neighbor had them replace her roof and I watched them work hour by hour and decided to have them do mine when it was time. Recommended.

  • JP406


    I got several estimates from different roofers & what I learned quickly was not all roofers are the same.
    Some were honest & some were dishonest...

  • Ray Edens


    Great folks to work with...

  • Dee Beveridge


    Dynamic Roofing did a great job for us. Very responsive and helpful at a later date. Collin was extremely professional and really came through for us in a pinch. I would highly recommend their services.

  • Judy Valleri


    Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. did an excellent job. They were able to do our entire roof in one day. They were friendly, courteous and did a wonderful job with clean-up. I highly recommend this company.

  • Clients Endorsments

    Brookfield Association

    2333 Brookfield Greens Circle
    Sun City Center, FL

    The board of Brookfield Association would like to let you know that we are very happy with the roofs you replaced back in 2016.  The product and its warranty that you suggested performed extremely well last year when hurricane Ian came through. We were happy with your prompt response to replace the few ridge caps that blew off.  

    We wanted you to know that when asked who we used to put our roof on, we let them know that we chose to go with Dynamic Roofing and were very happy with your product, price and service.

    Brookfield Association Board
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  • Clients Endorsments

    Fairfield E Sun City Center

    Dear Mr. Clark, 

    We wanted to send you a letter of thanks for the outstanding work you and your dedicated team successfully accomplished for our association. 

    From the very beginning, when we first met you and you supplied a detailed proposal, we were impressed with your attitude, in-depth knowledge of your profession, and professionalism. 

    We had a number of bids for our project, many priced lower than yours; however, you offered something to our association that the other roofers did not. Simply put, that was "Peace of Mind." We came to this conclusion after a second meeting with you and began to understand and appreciate the fact that you are a GAF Master Elite Roofer. This allowed you to offer us a 20 year warranty for workmanship, materials, and labor to repair any failures.

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    Another main consideration of our board was that you are a GAF Master Elite Roofer. GAF's warranty fully backs your workmanship - plus they do so even if your company were to go out of business - AND --for the next 20 years. That provides the "Peace of Mind" we are referring to. Now we know we will not have to face the prospect of costly roofing repairs for at least the next 20 years.

    In addition to your professional attitude, your follow up exceeded our expectations. Your roofing team is professional, considerate, and consistently answers all of our questions (considering ours is a 11 Senior Citizen community that is an excellent customer service bow to have in your quiver). 

    Above all! you did what you said you would do. When issues came up you immediately took ownership and took timely corrective action. We couldn't have asked for a better contractor to work with. 

    If you would like to provide our names and contact information to other prospective customers, please feel free! free to do so. In addition we grant you permission to post our letter to your website, or in other venues t o demonstrate to prospective customers how we came to develop such a positive opinion of both you and your firm. 

    We wish you and everyone at Dynamic Roofing every possible success in the future.

    Clack Mcdow, President FairField E
    Kings Point
    Roger Sonner, Vice  President Fairfield E
    Kings Point
    Melva Potbin, Treasure FairField E

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  • Clients Endorsments

    Edinburgh Association

    1930 Acadia Greens Drive 
    Sun City Center, Florida, 33573 , February 20, 2023 
    To Whom This May Concern, 

    The Edinburgh Association hired Dynamic Roofing Company to replace 17/21 roofs in 2017. We also purchased the warranty. All roofs were replaced with the utmost professionalism and quality. Colin’s customer service is, by far, the best we have experienced! On the few occasions when we had requested assistance with possible roof issues, Colin responded immediately, within 24 hours, and repairs were completed quickly. Most issues we have had were the result of storms, along with hurricanes, not workmanship. 

    We have had no concerns or problems reaching Colin. He has been available via text, phone, and email. Colin always responds and usually is able to have someone look at any concerns within a few days. Having this level of customer service is absolutely invaluable, in this day and time! We highly recommend DYNAMIC ROOFING for all your roofing needs! They will definitely be our preferred roofing vendor in the Edinburgh Association. 

    Sincerely, Edinburgh Association

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  • Clients Endorsments

    Fairfield H

    To Whom it may concern: 

    We requested and received quotes from 3 different roofing companies. Dynamic roofing gave us a fair price for our 18 Duplex units. They were not the lowest bid or the highest bid but in the middle range and the warranty of his products and workmanship were exceptional. Mr. Colin Clark was very gracious to come to our Association to attend a meeting with our resident’s. 

    He gave an extremely professional interview. He gave us information on all the different shingles, materials, etc. that he would be using so we could choose what product and materials to go with. He answered all the questions the residents had at the meeting. We received a proposal & scope of work along with information regarding materials, etc.

    He started the roofing job on time, had roofers that appeared to be professionals and they were finished well within the time frame. I highly recommend this roofing company.

    Dale Province, President of Fairfield H ,505 Fallow Ct. #B
    Sun City Center, FL. 33573

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  • Clients Endorsments

    Highgate B

    Sun City Center, FL
    December 4, 2020

    TO: Colin Clark

    Dynamic Roofing Concepts
    Brandon, FL
    Dear Mr. Clark,

    The Highgate B boa wants to thank you for the outstanding work you and your team did while re-roofing aII buildings in Highgate B.

    The board was impressed by your quality of work′ reasonable pricing and flexibility.

    We will certainly consider you a preferred contractor for our future roofing needs.

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  • Clients Endorsments

    Huntington Greens

    Dear Mr. Clark

    I am sending you this letter to thank you for the professional job you and your crew did in replacing the roofs in our association. We are very pleased with the way your company accomplished this task.

    Your company offered us the best option for this job. Being a GAF Master Elite Roofer gave us the confidence that your company would do a good job. The warranty provided by you also gave us peace of mind knowing that we would not need to worry about our roofs for a long time.

    You went the ~extra mile by providing us with a financing option that allowed us to complete this project without incurring any extra expense. Thanks again for a job well done.

    Sincerely yours,
    Robert Comers, President, Huntington Association

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  • Clients Endorsments


    Dear Colin,

    Idlewood Condominium Association held our Annual Association Membership Meeting on February 3rd. By far the most important issue that our Association Members were interested in was the Board of Directors report about the progress of our roof replacement project. Our project is different from most other Association reroofing projects because our situation requires re roofing the units over a period of the next six years, rather than doing all the units at one time. This extended time frame does make the project more difficult for the Board to manage. Working with you has made the project more manageable for the Board. Thank you for that.

    At the meeting, the Board was very pleased to share with our members the work that you and your company have done over the last 18 months has exceeded our expectations. The Board was able to report that Dynamic has done an outstanding job and that we are more than pleased with our decision to contract with Dynamic.

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    Idlewood Association reroofed our units in 2008. Unfortunately, at that time, that Board did not select a quality manufacturer, nor did they select a reputable roofing contractor. As a result of that poor decision, this Board was put in a difficult and expensive situation when the roofs began to fail last year due to poor installation. Because of that experience, this Idlewood Board was particularly concerned about selecting both a high-quality roofing material manufacturer for the warranty value, and in selecting an experienced, reputable contractor for the installation. In Dynamic Roofing we have found both.

    Also, in advance of our meeting, the Board did request current bids from other contractors for the same GAF roofing system being installed by Dynamic. Updated bids were requested so that we could assure our membership that the pricing we were getting from Dynamic was still competitive. The Board was able to report that we were still paying less with Dynamic than we would with another supplier. Again, Colin, thank you for that.

    To date Dynamic Roofing has installed 11 roofing systems, so we are 18% through our project. We are confident that we will continue to be able to assure our membership that the funds they have entrusted to us are being spent wisely. The best result a volunteer Board of Directors can provide for their Associations is to find a quality contractor that is supplying a quality product at a competitive price. We certainly feel we have done that.

    The Board of Directors
    Idlewood Association

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  • Clients Endorsments

    Lancaster III

    Dear Colin,

    Lancaster Ill Board of Directors would like to give thanks to you and your great group of employees for the excellent job on our recent roof project in Kings Point. From the very beginning when you met with our roofing committee to address our questions and concerns you gave us a good feeling. With much patience you listened and explained everything. Product warranty( very important to us). applications, crew size, schedule, permits. inspections, wind mitigation reports, and codes. After that a step by step walkthrough of the entire roofing process so we would clearly understand what was to happen each day.

    When we selected Dynamic Roofing Concepts we felt we were getting a good company, fair price and a hands-on owner who would continue to respond to our needs, during the project and into the future. Over the course of the project we requested schedule changes too numerous to count to accommodate our residents no problem. Whenever a need or problem occurred during the day your employees responded quickly to address the problem and take corrective action. When all was said and done Dynamic Roofing still completed our job on time and on budget. In -closing Dynamic Roofing Concepts did a superior job from start to finish and will always be our preferred roofing vendor in Lancaster III.

    Sincerely, Lancaster III

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  • Clients Endorsments


    I wanted to send you a letter to thank you for the outstanding work and the ease of working with you and your people during our recent re-roofing project in Portsmith Condominium Association. We appreciate the time you took to come to our board meetings and answer all questions to help us along the way. We really appreciate that toward the end when you held your prices and your availability as we needed to get a loan to finish our roofs to avoid higher material and labor costs because of Covid. That was something a real stand-up businessman would do even though you did not have to.

    You came highly recommended to us and the fact that your company was highly regarded by GAF Roofing Materials helped also. GAF had faith in you so we figured that we could also. You started the project as you said you would and did everything you promised. You even quickly followed up with a couple roofs that had problems. You made good on your promise and took care of things very fast. Your crews were very fast and very easy to work with. I found your job supervisor very helpful and a joy to work with. The clean-up done by your crews was done every night. They showed up every morning on time if not early, but started work at a reasonable hour.

    Colin, thank you again for everything and for making working with you and your company a real joy.

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