Roof Replacement: When Is It More Practical Than Repairs?

Roof Replacement When Is It More Practical Than Repairs
20 Dec
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Your roof protects your home and family from harsh outdoor elements and extreme weather conditions. If you think it has problems, don’t wait long before contacting a reliable roofing contractor. Professionals can help you determine it needs repairs and when it’s time to get a new one. Continue reading to find out when roof replacement is more practical than repairs.

Your Roof Is Reaching the End of Its Life

Residential roofing systems usually last for at least 25 years, depending on the material, maintenance and installation. While you can have sections of shingles replaced, it is just a temporary fix. If your roof is nearing the end of its life, it’s more cost-effective to have it replaced.

Your Roof Is Sagging or Rotting

You may still be able to get a roof repair if you are dealing with minor damage. However, if your roof is deteriorating, sagging or rotting, it definitely needs replacement. From the ground, see if your roof has sagging areas, rotting boards, and other indications of trapped moisture.

There Is Significant Damage on Your Roofing Shingles

Severely damaged roofing shingles can cause water to penetrate the decking. When this happens, water or moisture can cause damage to the wooden components of your roof, such as rafter and joists. Too much moisture can also result in mold growth, which can spread to your living space and pose health risks to your family. Check your roof for curling or cracked shingles and significant granule loss. Inside your home, look for water stains, damp spots on ceilings and walls and musty odors. Call a professional immediately if any of these signs are present.

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