4 Things to Do If You Have a Roof With Discontinued Shingles

4 Things to Do If You Have a Roof With Discontinued Shingles
16 Sep
Sep 16, 2018
Colin Clark
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There are many reasons roofing manufacturers discontinue a product: perhaps it’s out of style, it’s been superseded by an updated version or simply because it didn’t meet expected sales. If your asphalt shingle roof happens to have such discontinued products, the following are some of the things that you can do if your roof requires repair.

Ask Your Contractor for Options

The first thing you should do is ask your trusted contractor on what your options are. The immediate problem is the impending lack of replacement shingles, which certified contractors source straight from the factory. If the product is recently discontinued, there is a chance that there may be some of that particular product left. If not, the manufacturer may have made a product that supersedes the original, in which case the new product should fit in seamlessly.

Check Your Homeowner Association Rules

If you live in a community that has rules on house design, there may be a few restrictions on what kind of roofing you can have. If your available asphalt shingle roof options conflict with the homeowner association rules, consider exploring other roofing options, such as getting a metal roof.

Try Physical Samples

Roofing contractors have the means to find a close match for your discontinued shingles. Don’t rely on images from a laptop, tablet or catalog when choosing the replacement material. A capable contractor will bring samples of the material, and put it against your existing roof to check if the colors really do match.

Consult With Your Insurance Provider

Contact your insurance provider and ask about their policies about roof repair and discontinued shingles. Depending on the severity of the roofing damage, your insurance provider could approve a full roof replacement. Insurance providers are not expected to be knowledgeable about roofing news, including which products are discontinued, so don’t forget to include this information during your consultation. Insurance providers are more likely to approve spot repairs since in most cases, certified contractors can readily provide replacement parts.

To learn more about what we can do for your discontinued shingles, or if you want to explore other options such as tile roofing, call Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. today at (813) 257-9355. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free quote. We serve many areas in and around Tampa, FL.


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