New Roof Investment: Does It Increase Property Values?

New Roof Investment Does It Increase Property Values
22 Jan
Jan 22, 2022
Colin Clark
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A new roof might not be the first thing that comes to mind for improvements that increase home value. However, research shows that having one installed can have a huge impact on the overall value of a residential property. If you are planning to put your home on the market, investing in a new roofing system makes sense if you want to draw prospective buyers.

Things You Need to Consider

While a new roof is a worthwhile investment, it is not yet certain whether it will give you a return or boost your home’s overall value above its costs. Several factors have to be considered, including the following:

  • Your roof’s overall condition – Work with a reputable contractor that can perform roof repair and maintenance work. The decision to have your roof replaced will depend on their thorough assessment of the whole system.
  • The marketplace – Not all markets can guarantee an increase in your home’s value when you tackle roof replacement. Ask your real estate agent to give you a rundown of the current market conditions.

More Reasons to Install a New Roof

Apart from improving your home’s resale value, there are other reasons to invest in a new roof, including the following:

  • Aesthetic upgrade – A roof replacement allows you to choose better-looking roofing materials. If you have a three-tab asphalt shingle roof, a more suitable upgrade would be an architectural-grade one. In addition to more texture and color options, you have the choice to pick asphalt shingles that mimic the appearance of other high-end materials like wood shakes and slate.
  • Extensive warranties – Premium-quality roof shingles come with warranties that have far longer terms than standard ones. Several roofing brands can offer warranties of up to 50 years.
  • Cool roof technology – Some asphalt shingle products have reflective properties that can help your home absorb less heat, leading to lower cooling costs in the summer months. Look for the ENERGY STAR® label when shopping for roofing materials.
  • Smooth home inspection – Your roof is one of the most visible elements of your home. If it looks old and worn-out, it can minimize your chances of getting your home sold.

Whether you’re selling your home or otherwise, you can trust Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. for your asphalt shingle and metal roofing needs. Through our exceptional products and workmanship, we can help increase the value and curb appeal of your home. Call (813) 657-7663 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding communities.


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