7 Clear Signs of Roof Wind Damage

7 Clear Signs of Roof Wind Damage
21 Jun
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Keeping your home in tip-top shape is an endless pursuit. There are always new repairs or updates to make, including for your roof. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can damage your roof and compromise its structural integrity. Strong winds can create stress points on a roof that, over time, can weaken and become compromised.

While roofs are designed to resist typical wind loads, they can be incrementally damaged over the years by high winds and debris carried by the wind. When this happens, you need to make sure that your home is sufficiently protected. Professional roof repair contractor, Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. shares seven signs of roof wind damage to watch out for so you can get your roof repaired before it sustains further damage.

1. Missing Shingles

If your roof has some years on it and a strong storm passes by your area, check your roof for missing shingles once it’s passed. This is because missing shingles are one of the common signs of wind damage to a roof and can be caused by a combination of strong winds, heavy rain, or falling tree branches.

2. Roof Leaks

This is the most obvious sign that your roof sustained wind damage since water is entering your home from the ceiling. To confirm this, look in your attic or your top floor for wet spots or dripping water. If your roof is leaking, call an expert roofer immediately to fix the damage.

3. Shingle Granules on the Gutter

Although shingles age, they do not spontaneously come loose. They are nailed to the roof. If shingles are missing, it means something tore them away from the nail. The wind is just about the only thing that does this to roofs. As shingles age, they can become brittle, making it easier for the wind to damage them. It’s just part of the life cycle of asphalt roofing. Regardless, missing or loose shingles need to be replaced.

4. Curling

When shingles curl or peel around the edges of the roof, that is another sign that they have been pulled by violent winds. Curling is usually apparent in an inspection and reveals early warning signs of roof damage. When caught soon, the repair is much easier. Since the primary purpose of shingles is to keep water from getting through the roof, curling or peeling shingles are a significant problem that needs to be addressed.

5. Indoor Leaks

This is one of the worst ways to find out your roof is damaged. The roof is supposed to be perfectly watertight, so there should be no leaks through the ceiling. When that isn’t the case, you need to find and repair the leak right away. Leaks that are left alone can damage drywall ceilings, and over time, the leaks will compromise the wooden support structure of the ceiling.

6. Damaged Soffit

The shingles are not the only part of a roof that takes a beating in a windstorm. The soffit can also be damaged, and many times, its condition is more revealing about the health of your roof than a glance at your shingles. If the storm was severe enough to damage the soffit, there is a good chance you could have dents or otherwise harmful damage on the shingles.

7. Chimney Issues

Chimney issues show several warning signs, but the one you want to pay the most attention to is any shift in the shape or orientation of the chimney. If it looks like it is tilting, it’s because there is a major problem with the roof. Roof damage has reached a critical point, and repairs need to start right away.

Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. offers warranties on a number of metal roofing installations. These warranties protect you against extra expenses from unforeseen events like wind damage. Additionally, all of our employees have been fully trained to make the best repairs possible. We provide exceptional service without gouging your pockets.

To contact us for a free estimate with no obligation on a new roof or repair, call (813) 510-1166 or fill out our online request form. We serve clients in Tampa, FL.

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