Easy Ways to Identify Storm Damage on Your Roof

Easy Ways to Identify Storm Damage on Your Roof
16 Feb
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If you live in a region frequented by heavy storms and raging winds, you can understand just how severe the damage can be on your roof. Although the first step to fixing any problem is identifying it, not all roof damage is easy to spot from the ground ̶ or readily apparent ̶ to the untrained eye. Let Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc., the top roofing contractor in Tampa, FL, explain what to look for when it comes to identifying roof damage after a storm.

Obvious Signs

These can range from loose and dented shingles to leaks in your roof or ceiling. You may also notice dents on the gutters, flashing or vents, and some broken tiles. These are telltale signs of heavy winds or hail damage. Typically, wind damage is more obvious, so check carefully for water damage, which is quite misleading since it can spread to other areas of your house.

Be sure to contact a professional for a thorough roof inspection to help spot these signs in a quick, safe, and efficient manner.

Less Noticeable Signs

Severe storms will often do damage to more than just your roof shingles. In most cases, you may notice discolored spots, dents, chips, or cracks on other components of your home’s exterior. Subtle signs can include:

Damaged Windows

When you notice dented casings or frames, shattered glass, and other signs of window damage, there is a huge chance that the storm has done a similar number on your roof.

Falling Granules or Other Debris

Granules protect the shingles from UV damage so when they start to fall off your roof in large quantities after a storm, then it is a clear sign of roof damage. Debris like leaves and branches can land on your roof during a heavy storm, which can be a cause for concern. Schedule a roofing inspection to determine the best approach.

Any of these signs warrants immediate action as delay might lead to more damage. As the leading experts in roofing in Tampa, FL, we will not only provide quality solutions, but also help you with your insurance claims.

Contact Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. today by calling (813) 257-9355, for a FREE estimate on your roofing repairs, replacement, and maintenance needs. You can also reach us through our online request form.

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