How to Identify Wind Damage on Roofs

How to Identify Wind Damage on Roofs
27 Dec
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Storms can cause severe damage to your roof. They can result in missing shingles, cracks and even leaks. High winds pose hazards to your home, such as fallen branches, torn down power lines and uprooted trees. Whether you have an asphalt or metal roof, it’s always a good idea to have the system inspected for damage after extreme weather events. Find out ways to check your roof for wind damage in this blog post.

What High Winds Do to Your Roof

Roofs are prone to wind damage because high winds don’t impact them uniformly. Instead, the wind usually causes damage to the edges of a roof or components of it that have already been compromised. Winds can loosen up these areas easily, which can also harm other parts of the roof. When not addressed, your roof will eventually leak and rot due to water infiltration.

Winds between 45 to 57 mph are enough to tear down tree branches and limbs as well as remove loose shingles. At 58 to 74mph, winds are strong enough to rip off shingles. Gusts greater than that can cause significant roof damage to residential and commercial structures. If you’re replacing your metal or shingle roof, make sure to choose a product with high wind resistance.

How to Determine Roof Wind Damage

Excessive granule loss is an indication of roof wind damage. If your roof has been affected, you’ll notice a large amount of granules in the gutters. Look for curling or missing shingles because they can allow water to enter your interior. Contact a professional if you see shingles that have fallen on the ground.

Inside your home, check the walls and ceilings for signs of water damage. Dark stains, peeling paint or moist spots can indicate water has infiltrated your home. Prevent further damage to your home by getting a roof inspection and completing necessary repairs.

Keep in mind that delaying roof repairs will only make the problem worse. For reliable commercial and residential roofing services, turn to Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. We specialize in a wide range of materials including metal, asphalt, slate and tile roofing. Call us at (813) 657-7663 or fill out our online form to get a free quote. We serve clients in Tampa, FL, and nearby areas.

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