How to Tell If Your Commercial Roof Is in Bad Shape

How to Tell If Your Commercial Roof Is in Bad Shape
04 Dec
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A commercial roof problem can be financially devastating. It can lead to unscheduled repairs, prolonged downtime, broken equipment, legal battles and public relations nightmares. Even if you observe routine maintenance, your roof could still sustain damage between inspections. So it’s imperative that you know what constitutes trouble to restore your commercial roofing system’s good health as soon as possible. Pay attention to the red flags below.

Active Leakage

It goes without saying that water infiltration is the epitome of a damaged roof. No professional can fix an active leak until the bad weather subsides, but any competent roofing company could control the situation to minimize its effects to your structure and valuables.

Ceiling Discoloration

If you didn’t catch a roof leak in action, you could find some evidence of it on the ceiling. Water can leave unsightly streaks due to the mineral deposit it contains.

Many other things could be behind the apparent leakage, but you can’t rule out compromised single-ply roofing members until a qualified roofer conducts a thorough inspection.

Ponding Water

If your flat roof acts like a catch basin, it’s clearly not in good repair. The worst part about standing water is that it’s time-sensitive. Ponds with depth of at least one inch can weigh over five pounds per square foot. When left alone for a long time, your roof may cave in due to the load.

Material Distortion

Any roofing contractor specializing in single-ply membranes will tell you that chemically adhered materials are prone to warping due to moisture buildup. The distortion can result in low spots, which in turn can cause localized ponding. Ponds evaporate, but the water will get inside the building sooner or later. Tap Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc.’s proven experience in various commercial roofing systems. We can detect existing issues with your commercial roof and evaluate its health to stay ahead of bigger headaches.

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