Minimizing Storm Damage With GAF’s Storm Support Tools

Minimizing Storm Damage With GAF’s Storm Support Tools
29 May
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Storm damage is one of the biggest threats to both residential and commercial roofing in America. Every year, hurricanes and inclement weather cause billions of dollars’ worth of roof repairs and replacements. This is why it pays for roofers and homeowners alike to be prepared for storm damage. To that end, GAF has created a series of storm support tools, which we discuss below.

GAF WeatherHub®

GAF WeatherHub is a tracking tool powered by Accuweather®. It is a weather tracking tool exclusive to GAF Master Elite®, Master Select™, Master and Premium Coating contractors that lets them quickly identify areas that may be in need of immediate roofing services. Updates happen on a per-minute basis, ensuring accurate info and timely response times.

WeatherHub Alerts

WeatherHub alerts also works as a weather tracking tool designed for property owners. If there’s an incoming storm and a potential risk of storm damage, WeatherHub Alerts can be used to notify the owner’s trusted roofing contractor so they can schedule a roof inspection and perform  the necessary repairs.

Storm Kits

GAF has put together a series of canvassing tools that can help you and your neighbors connect with GAF-certified roofing contractors in the area. These tool kits include billboards, radio scripts, door hangers, printed letters and other options that allow you relay help from your trusted contractor to the rest of your community.

GAF Storm Relief

What can you do to prepare your metal roofing for an incoming hurricane? What kinds of damage can happen to a shingle roof? GAF’s Storm Relief online information database can help you by providing inspection checklists, contractor directories and other preparation tips that you may find useful not just during a storm but all-year round.

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