The Consequences of Ignoring Ponding Water on a Flat Roof

The Consequences of Ignoring Ponding Water on a Flat Roof
15 Apr
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Ponding can occur on a flat roof after heavy storms or when the snow melts. Water that stays on a low-slope roof for at least 48 hours can have major negative consequences. Moreover, this problem can be prevented by proper roof design, installation and maintenance. A roof repair expert shares what could happen when you ignore ponding water on a flat roof.

Roof Structure Damage

Ice forms and constantly shifts with temperature changes. This movement can scrub the roof membrane until it eventually sustains damage. Ponding water can add a significant amount of weight to the rood deck. The additional load from ponding water can compromise the structural integrity of the roof deck.

Algae and Vegetation Growth

Standing water can cause algae and vegetation to grow, which can cause damage to the roof membrane. These organic growths can clog drains and contribute to more ponding. The dirt, debris and other contaminants in the ponding area can also harm the membrane’s surface.

Early Roof Failure

Ponding water on a flat roof can speed up the system’s deterioration. This roofing problem can result in early system failure when not addressed immediately. Even the slightest amount of moisture that penetrates the roof can affect a home or building’s thermal efficiency.

Why Regular Maintenance Is Important

Routine inspections and maintenance can help prevent your flat roof from ponding. Also, warranties usually state how a building owner can maintain positive drainage or not let water sit on a roof for 48 hours under a dry environment. This problem should not be taken lightly because it can void your roofing warranty and cause water damage that can spread to other parts of the building.

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