The Most Common Causes Of Commercial Roof Damage

The Most Common Causes Of Commercial Roof Damage
29 Apr
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A commercial roof may be designed to be durable, but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely impervious to damage. According to our shingle roof experts, even a roofing system made of high-end materials is still bound to get damaged by certain factors. Here’s a rundown on the most common causes of damage in commercial roofing systems.


This one is especially common in commercial roofing made with a flat or shallow roofing design. Because of the low slope, the roof might have difficulties shedding water when it rains. When water pools up, it increases the risk of moisture-related roofing issues.


A common problem with lightweight options such as a metal roof, wind damage is more likely to happen during a storm or a series of generally bad weather. The wind can get through gaps on the roof’s surface, creating lift that pushes the surface upwards. Severe wind damage can involve having entire sections of a commercial roof torn off, but even small gaps caused by the wind can lead to leaks and insulation issues.

Thermal Expansion

Summer and winter are seasons associated with extreme temperatures. This creates a phenomenon called thermal expansion. The constant expansion and contraction can have a bad effect on the structural integrity of the roof’s components and lead to issues like weakening, warping or even cracking or tearing by the seams depending on the roof’s material.

Incorrect Maintenance

Sometimes, attempting to keep the roof in good condition can achieve the exact opposite result. Poor roof maintenance practices increases the risk of a commercial roof ending up in an even worse state. If you want to make sure your roof is safely and effectively maintained, seek help from certified commercial and tile roofing experts.

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