Tips for a Successful Commercial Roofing Project

Tips for a Successful Commercial Roofing Project
09 Oct
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As a property manager, you need to make sure that your employees and occupants are safe and comfortable. One way you can do that is by having an efficient roofing system and keeping it in good shape. Repairs and even a replacement, when delayed can result in leaks that can result in damage and reduced indoor comfort. In this post, we’ll share tips to help with the success of your roofing project.

Well-Communicated Project Scope

Proper planning lets you completely understand every component of your roof project and allows your contractor to create accurate estimates. Overlooking one item can greatly affect your project and even the performance of your new roof.

Make sure to review all the details with your commercial roofing contractor before starting with the project. Discuss work to be done, safety expectations, and warranty details. Depending on the scale and duration of your project, you need to plan regular meetings with your contractor where you can talk about the schedule and address issues or change orders that you might encounter.

Follow Building Codes

You must adhere to all local building codes and ensure your roofer coordinates code requirements with manufacturer installation guidelines. Any conflict between codes and manufacturer’s recommendations should be addressed before the project starts.

Keep the Site Clean

A clean jobsite encourages a safe work environment and minimizes conflict with your building occupants. Let your contractor know your concerns about loud music, offensive language and other behavior on the site you think should be noted and addressed before the project begins. You’d also want to notify occupants and tenants about the job schedules and daily working hours.

You must know where the dumpsters will be located and who will take care of the debris during the job. Debris and scattered fasteners or nails can cause personal injury or property damage. You can avoid this by having a planned point-of-access to the roof for installers and materials.

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