3 Common Misconceptions about Roof Repair

3 Common Misconceptions about Roof Repair
16 Jul
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When it comes to roofing projects, no other process has more misconceptions than roof repair. However, these myths and misunderstandings often prevent homeowners from seeing the value of the process. In this post, our experts at Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. share three of the most common myths and misconceptions about roof repair and discuss the truth behind them.

Roofing Misconception: Modern Roofs are Maintenance Free

While recent advances in materials and the application of said technology have certainly made roofs more durable, efficient and easier to install, there is no true “maintenance-free” roof. Current technologies have only created low-maintenance roofs, such as modern asphalt shingles and metal roofs.

The truth is, more than 80 percent of all roofs – both commercial and residential – are replaced prematurely due to homeowners failing to follow a regular maintenance and repair schedule. As your local roofer, we urge homeowners like you to be proactive when it comes to your roof. Investing in preventive maintenance and timely roof repair allows you to maximize your roof’s life span and even extend it.

Roofing Misunderstanding: Roof Problems Are Covered by Material Warranties

This is a common misunderstanding among many homeowners. Material warranties cover manufacturer material defects, and only represent 1 percent of roof failure – a real rarity considering modern advancements in material and application technology.

Poor installation, lack of maintenance and severe weather damage are the most common causes of roof failure, but they aren’t covered by the material warranties as they are external forces that the manufacturer has no control over.

Roof Myth: Maintenance and Repair Are Optional

This is one of the most prevalent roofing myths and it stems partly from the misconception that there are maintenance-free roofs. Both maintenance and repair are necessary to ensure the health, stability and long-term serviceability of your roof. Without proper care and a timely response, your roof can fail prematurely and cost you more than what you have saved by not doing repair and maintenance.

As  your local roofing contractor, Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. offers expert roof repair and maintenance services. We’ll help you keep your roof in good condition throughout the year. Call us today at (813) 257-9355 to learn more about our services. We offer complete roofing services throughout Tampa, FL, and other parts of Florida and riverview roofing.

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