3 Factors That Cause Delays in Roof Replacement

3 Factors That Cause Delays in Roof Replacement
12 Oct
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We always hold out hope that our home improvement projects will run smoothly. But that’s rarely the case, especially in a project as large and complex as a roof replacement. The best you can do is try to plan ahead to avoid any issues. A trusted roofing company in the area, Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc., expounds on some of the factors that cause delays in roof replacement.

1. Poor Weather

It’s hard when the weather is against you, especially when you have a roof replacement scheduled that day. The fact is that most roofing work is halted during a downpour. That’s because the roof decking has to be completely dry before the underlayment and shingles are installed. Otherwise, the absorbed moisture can compromise the structural integrity of the new roof. There’s also the matter of safety. Rain can make the roof surface wet and slippery, which doesn’t make for safe and efficient work.

What to Do. Try to schedule your roof replacement during the summer, when the chance of a sudden downpour is less likely. If that’s not possible, check a reliable source of weather forecasts and set the installation on a projected string of sunny days.

2. Change Orders

These refer to any changes you want to add or make while your roof replacement is already underway. Perhaps you’ve decided on another roofing color or material. Maybe you’ve just been informed of an issue with the manufacturer or supplier. A change order not only adds to your overall project costs but also causes delays.

What to Do. Plan your roof replacement and finalize any major design decisions before scheduling the installation. This way, you can eliminate the potential for change orders later on.

3. Extra Repairs

Has your roofer discovered moisture damage on the roof decking? This needs to be dealt with before the actual roof replacement work can move forward. While the additional repair work is crucial, it can set your project back a few days.

What to Do. There’s no helping this because these extra repairs are absolutely necessary. You can, however, ensure that the work starts as soon as possible. Set aside a contingency budget beforehand so you can promptly deal with any unwelcome (and costly) surprises during your roof replacement.

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