3 Lies You’ll Probably Hear From Shady Roofers

3 Lies You’ll Probably Hear From Shady Roofers
10 Mar
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Not all roofers are created equal – and even fewer are reputable. While roofing is a major industry in the U.S., where roofs often need to be replaced every two decades or so, there are shady contractors who are after making quick bucks. Some will typically resort to sweet-talking you into parting with your cash only to leave you with poor workmanship, or not show up at all.

Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc., the go-to metal roofing contractor in the area, shares three of the most common lies shady roofers tell their unsuspecting clients.

Lie #1: “We work out of our office.”

Aside from verifying if they have the necessary license and insurance coverage, make sure your choice of roofer actually runs a professional business space. Check their website for the physical address and try to use Google Earth to search for it. Having a proper business address is one of the indicators that the contractor is an established company and not some random fly-by-nighter.

Lie #2: “You won’t need a business permit.”

One of the most crucial things in any home renovation project, especially a roof repair and roof replacement, is a building permit. Released by the local municipality, a business permit is a written authorization that makes sure the project will be performed by a professional and will adhere to local building codes and regulations. Failure to acquire a building permit can lead to huge fines, invalidation of insurance coverage and even potential litigation. If your choice of roofer is trying to convince you not to get one, then that’s already an obvious red flag.

Lie #3: “We offer the cheapest prices.”

Ask yourself why they offer such low prices. Always be wary of bids that seem too good to be true, because most of the time, they really are. This can mean they are using only subpar materials and sloppy installation.

Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. is the roofing expert you can trust for the highest quality solutions. We have the necessary credentials, including our own business space and more than 40 years of industry experience. As a GAF Master Elite® roofer, we ensure top-notch workmanship, as well as access to top-tier GAF products and warranties.

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