3 Tips on Hiring a Roofer Who Meets Your Needs

3 Tips on Hiring a Roofer Who Meets Your Needs
23 Sep
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Whether a minor roof repair or a full-on roof replacement, roofing is one of those home improvement tasks that are best left to the professionals with years of experience under their belt. In order to help homeowners weed out suspicious or unreliable roofing companies, metal roof experts at Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. share some tips on finding a roofer who meets your needs.

Look for their license and insurance.

It is crucial that you check a contractor’s credentials before you entrust your roof to them. A company that has the appropriate licenses—make sure they are up to date—and carries general liability and workers compensation insurance policies offer more assurance and recourse should something unfortunate arise during the construction.

Confirm the roof removal.

If your entire roof needs to be replaced, be sure to ask any roofing company you are considering whether or not they will remove your old roof. A good roofer will remove your old, shabby shingle roof and include its cost as part of the total expense. Make sure the process and cost of roof removal is declared on the written contract as well.

Ask how they will protect your exterior.

While a brand new roof is extremely valuable, it will not be worth as much if the installation process destroys your gutters. An experienced roofer will use ladder stabilizers or standoffs to relieve your gutters of the ladder load. You should also inquire about how they intend to shield your flower beds and shrubs from refuse materials and debris. Usually, a contractor will use a tarp to cover the foliage and landscaping that surrounds the base of a home.

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