3 Ways to Make Your Roof Energy-Efficient

3 Ways to Make Your Roof Energy-Efficient
13 Oct
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A well-built and energy-efficient roof has become a standard in many modern homes. If you are looking to increase the performance and comfort of your home, then installing an energy-saving roofing structure is the first step to take. Here, a metal roofing expert shares three essential ways you can make your roof more efficient for years to come.

1. Install a Cool Roof

On a bright and sunny day, the temperature of your roofing system can significantly increase. A cool roof will absorb less heat and reflect more sunlight than a standard roof. This means you will not have to run your air conditioner as much, which can save you between seven to 15 percent on energy costs. Solar-reflective paints, tiles, shingles and sheet coverings are common materials for cool roofs.

2. Upgrade the Attic Insulation

Many homeowners do not realize that proper insulation is a vital component of a healthy roofing system. Insulation is responsible for keeping excess heat out of a home during summer months and trapping much of the heat within the living spaces during the winter season. By insulating your attic, as well as the roof sheathing, you may reduce your home’s energy consumption by 11 percent.

3. Use a Heat Recovery System

Heat recovery refers to the method of reducing the heating and cooling demands of buildings. This system controls the airflow in and out of your house via proper ventilation in the attic, allowing for stable temperatures under the roof and ultimately in the living areas. If you live in a home that is sealed up tight, the additional fresh, pleasant air you will receive from a heat recovery ventilator will be worth the cost.

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