3 Winning Features of Elastomeric Coatings

3 Winning Features of Elastomeric Coatings
23 Jun
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Elastomeric coatings are a great addition to any roof to make your system function as well as the way you want it to be. While it still remains optional, applying the right type of elastomeric coating can reinforce your roof ways you never thought possible. As the authority in residential and commercial roofing in Tampa, FL, Dynamic Roofing Concepts is the premier source of the most sought-after elastomeric roof coatings in the region. Here are the top features of our solutions:

Superior Elongation

An apt elastomeric coating makes your roof waterproof in a long period. Over time, your roof will expand and contract, given the endless seasonal changes in temperature. Blows of drafts, sudden rains, and even the clouds passing over your home can cause your roof to increase or decrease in size. Due to this unstoppable natural phenomenon, your roofing system might become susceptible to leaks.

Fortunately, an elastomeric coating prevents this happening. This additional layer of defense creates a watertight seal. This will keep your metal roofing in Tampa, Florida from becoming vulnerable water damage because of thermal expansion and contraction.

High Reflectivity

Elastomeric coatings usually come in white to make your roof cooler. They can reflect up to 90% of the undesirable infrared rays from the sun. They can reduce the amount of heat your home naturally absorbs. As you minimize heat gain, you can better control your indoor climate and save in your energy costs in the process.

Hail Impact Resistance

Occasional exposure to freezing temperatures can take their toll. Using an elastomeric coating with impeccable adhesion properties for your roofing in Tampa, Florida can be the solution. Such qualities could make your roof more resilient to brutal elements, particularly to hail.

Other than protecting its structural integrity, elastomeric coatings can preserve your roof’s charming appearance and keep it as an asset to your home’s curb appeal. Make your roof more formidable to stand the test of time. Call Dynamic Roofing Concepts now at (813) 257-9355, and learn more about our different elastomeric coating solutions.

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