4 Tips for Selecting a Finish for Your Metal Roof

4 Tips for Selecting a Finish for Your Metal Roof
04 Nov
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Metal is one of today’s most cost-effective and sustainable roof replacement options. It improves your home’s appeal, increases its value, reduces your environmental footprint and provides superior protection. By choosing the right finish for your metal roof, you can enhance its durability and beauty. Here are tips for choosing the best finish for your metal roof from a trusted roofer.

Choosing a Roof Color

The color of your metal roof will affect your home’s beauty and style as well as how long it will stay looking like new. Lighter and muddier colors like browns and grays can perform better than bright colors.

Primary colors like red, blue and yellow are considered “saturated” because they are formulated with a high amount of a single pigment. As the pigment fades over time, the color is negatively impacted. On the other hand, colors that contain different pigments are not as susceptible to this because the color change in one or more of the pigments has less impact.

Energy Efficiency

Many of today’s metal roofing manufacturers have introduced cool colors that feature special pigments that are designed to provide excellent heat reflectivity. It means that white or light-colored roofs aren’t your only energy-efficient options.

Choose a color with high-reflective pigments and is ENERGY STAR® certified. To get more energy savings, look for a metal roof that has an air gap between the metal and the roof deck. It helps in preventing conductive heat transfer into your home while working with the pigments that block radiant heat flow.


Homeowners usually choose between a low-gloss or matte finish for metal roofs. While matte finish can look better in homes, higher gloss finishes tend to be more durable. Moreover, you must focus more on sheen than gloss. It exhibits itself when the sun is at the back of the roof instead of shining into it. Make sure to take note of which direction your home faces when considering sheen.

Dirt, Mildew and Algae Resistance

Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofs are less likely to get dark streaks from mildew and algae. However, if you live in a sub-tropical or tropical location or if your home is surrounded by numerous trees, your metal roof can be prone to organic growth. A darker color roof for these areas can prevent this problem from occurring.

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