4 Ways You Can Windproof Your Roof

4 Ways You Can Windproof Your Roof
10 Aug
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Wind damage is one of the most common issues that your asphalt shingle roof can experience. When it happens, your shingles can be torn off, leaving your roof susceptible to leaks that can possibly compromise its structural integrity. Thankfully, according to experts, there are a few ways you can prevent your roof from suffering from wind damage.

In this post, residential and commercial roofing professionals Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. list the four different ways you can windproof your roof, starting with:

1. Having Shingles Nailed Better

According to experts, how and where the shingles are nailed is extremely important when it comes to windproofing a roof. This is because if your nails are overdriven and at off-angles, the nail can fracture the shingle’s base mat, which can negatively affect its wind resistance. With that in mind, be sure to properly nail your shingles to the roof to ensure that its wind resistance remains intact.

2. Picking the Right Shingles

Of course, if you’re looking to effectively windproof your roofing system, one of the most important things that you need to do is pick the right shingles for your home. As much as possible, only pick shingles that are given the highest wind rating (H) to ensure that it remains attached to your roof even when there’s a storm that brings strong winds to your area.

3. Getting the Right Ridge Vent

Apart from picking the right shingles, you’ll also need to choose the correct kind of ridge vent to properly windproof your roof. When doing so, select a it’s highly recommended that you pick a ridge vent that managed to pass the TAS 100(A)-95 test as this test evaluates a ridge and soffit vent’s overall wind resistance.

4. Eliminating Overhang

Alternatively, you can also have your roof’s overhang removed when you’re trying to windproof it. This is because the uplift forces of strong winds can be extreme on a roofing system’s perimeter and limiting the wind’s leverage on them can go a long way in your windproofing efforts.

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