5 Common Slate Roofing Myths and the Truth Behind Them

5 Common Slate Roofing Myths and the Truth Behind Them
19 Mar
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Slate is the premium material of the roofing world. Its longevity is practically unmatched; it can last up to a century. Although it’s no longer the most popular choice, many asphalt shingles resemble slate to replicate the iconic look of traditional architectural styles.

Despite being one of the oldest roofing materials in the world, slate is quite misunderstood by many homeowners. To fully appreciate its value, Dynamic Roofing Concepts debunks the most common misconceptions about it:

1. It Has No Weakness

Slate is tough but fragile. When handled incorrectly, it has the tendency to split. Generally, it’s ill-advised to walk on a slate roof, especially if you are inexperienced in roof repairs. Without caution, you can damage slate. One of the best workarounds to overcome slate’s weak breakage resistance is hiring a qualified roofer.

2. It’s Expensive

Because of its rather limited supply and the production capacity of North American quarries, any roofer can’t deny that genuine slate can be costly. However, some manufacturers have found a way to keep its price to a minimum. For instance, GAF’s TruSlate® costs much less than traditional slate, since it eliminates the wasted material. Moreover, TruSlate is relatively lighter than traditional slate, reducing the need for expensive structural modifications to accommodate the added weight.

3. It Takes a Lot of Time to Install

The installation of slate can be complicated. Its fragility requires specialized skills to carry out the job without workmanship errors. The TruSlate Premium Roofing System is one of the few alternatives that speeds up the installation. It features a unique hanger system that simplifies that process. In fact, choosing TruSlate can reduce the cost of labor by 50 percent.

4. It Is Applicable to Any Roof

Any roofing contractor that specializes in slate would say that the material isn’t suitable for slopes of less than 4:12. Plus, it’s imperative to check the latest building code to ensure the structure lends itself to slate roof installation.

5. It Always Renders the Roof Difficult to Walk On

It’s usually challenging to traverse a slate roof without damaging portions of it. Normally, a polyurethane foam pad is necessary to help distribute the weight and reduce the chance of breakage. Unlike traditional slate with mortar, though, TruSlate pieces are removable to avoid or at least mitigate the rigors of foot traffic.

Is slate the right replacement roofing material for your home? Dynamic Roofing Concepts can help you narrow down your best options. To talk about your roofing needs in Florida, call us at (813) 257-9355 today for your free consultation and estimate in Tampa, FL.

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