5 Factors That Can Affect How Well an Asphalt Roof Ages

5 Factors That Can Affect How Well an Asphalt Roof Ages-02
31 Mar
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Like all things, asphalt shingles age over time. In this post, we explain several factors to determine how well an asphalt shingle roof ages.

Check the Climate in your Area

Harsh climates like strong winds, moisture, intense ultraviolet radiation and thermal cycling deteriorate the roof faster and shorten roof lifespans. A significant temperature swing causes your metal roof to suddenly expand and contract which increases the rate of roof deterioration.

Adhere to Shingle Quality

An asphalt roof age will also depend on the material’s quality. Of course, low-quality shingles will fail before high-quality shingles. Quality can vary widely among manufacturers, and even within a single manufacturer’s product line. More than its beauty, check on the shingle’s energy efficiency and durability.

Asphalt Shingles That are Properly Installed

We all know that poor installation can cause early roof problems. Even if you choose the highest-quality of tile roofing material on the market, installation defects can still lead to early deterioration which will cost you for premature roof replacement.

Check the Insulation and Ventilation

Inadequate insulation can cause the temperature in your attic to soar. Combined with bad ventilation, this makes it very difficult to regulate the temperature in your attic which contributes to the weathering of asphalt roofing. As it is exposed to more heat, poor roof ventilation fails to keep asphalt shingles cool which will lead to loss of volatiles.

Quality of Maintenance

The homeowner’s major responsibility is to always check and have regular roof maintenance to prolong asphalt shingle’s age. Failure to repair damage and keep roofs clean can result in damage and deterioration from moisture intrusion and wind. Shingle roof experts recommend that hiring roofing service providers can help discover roof issues as soon as it is repairable.

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