What Do Rippled Asphalt Shingles Mean?

What Do Rippled Asphalt Shingles Mean
19 Sep
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It’s alarming to see asphalt shingles with a rippled or wavy appearance. Your roof may look strange and affect your home’s aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, it might indicate roofing issues requiring immediate attention. Here are some of the usual culprits behind wavy or rippled asphalt shingles.

Sheathing Issue

The sheathing is where roofers nail the asphalt shingles. Sheathing is made of high-quality material, such as OSB or plywood. How your asphalt shingles look depends on how the sheathing was installed. The latter requires gaps when being installed to account for expansion and contraction during temperature fluctuations. If the roofer installed the sheathing incorrectly, the asphalt shingles will look wavy or rippled.

Underlayment Damage

Roof underlayment is essential for keeping moisture out of your attic. It acts as the final layer of protection against water infiltration in case your shingles and sheathing are damaged during a storm. Damage to the underlayment will cause asphalt shingles to look wavy. This can happen if the roofer installed the underlayment after it was exposed to excessive moisture, which usually causes the felt to wrinkle.

Poor Workmanship

Make sure to hire qualified roofers for your roof installation. Get to know the companies you are considering for your project. Check if they are licensed, insured and experienced. They must also be familiar with proper roof installation methods. They must use the right nails, tools and techniques. Any errors during the installation process will cause your roof to look odd and not perform well.

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