5 Features and Benefits of Commercial Metal Roofing

5 Features and Benefits of Commercial Metal Roofing
21 Jun
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Metal is a relatively new material for commercial roofing applications, but it has steadily gained popularity over the years because of its long-term benefits. As one of the leading providers of sheet metal fabrication services, let’s discuss the features and benefits of commercial metal roofing.

It has a long service life

Basic galvanized steel roofs are known to last over 40 years, and with modern innovations in roof coating technologies and galvanic protection, you can expect newly-installed commercial roofs to last longer than 50 years with the right maintenance and roofing care.

It’s impact-resistant

A properly-installed sheet metal roof has a higher chance of withstanding impact from flying debris and other solid objects and from being punctured while being walked on.

It’s environmentally friendly

The sheet metal used in residential and commercial roofing systems is often made from recycled steel. Unlike other non-metal recyclables, metal does not degrade with repeated recycling. Your metal roof could have been made from steel that’s recycled several times over, yet you can expect no performance degradation. And when it’s time to replace your metal roof, the discarded roofing will take up little landfill space.

It’s energy-efficient

Metal roofs lend themselves well to various types of coatings, including those with cool roof features. Cool roofs are roofs that reflect sunlight and solar heat back into the air, in addition to emitting already-absorbed heat. Reflectivity is achieved by either coating the roof with white paint (or similar light colors), which reflects solar heat the same way wearing a light colored shirt keeps you cool under the sun. Some roofing systems achieve the same effect with specially engineered coatings, adding flexibility to roofing color choice.

It adds beauty to low-rise commercial properties

Metal roofs aren’t just limited to corrugated sheets or standing seam roofs. In fact, it can be shaped into just about anything you want. If you have a low-rise property, your beautiful metal roof can be appreciated from the ground, adding the equivalent of what curb appeal is to residential properties.

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