Basic Things You Should Know About Roof Flashing

Basic Things You Should Know About Roof Flashing
06 Sep
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Certain parts of a roof system and your home’s exterior walls are considered to be more prone to leaks and water damage. Typically, these are the roof valleys, roof penetrations and the intersection between the roof surface and a dormer wall.

Thankfully, you can install a roof flashing as added protection against moisture infiltration. In this article, local roofing contractor Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. shares more information about flashing and how it can help protect your roof from damage.


Flashing is typically fabricated with rust-resistant metal such as galvanized steel, aluminum or copper. Among these materials, galvanized steel is the most commonly used. Copper is utilized for custom fabrications specifically for copper roofs. Meanwhile, aluminum flashing is popular among DIY enthusiasts because the material is typically easy to bend. Occasionally, flashing could also be made from plastic, rubber or roofing felt.

Types of Flashing

Flashing can be formed into a variety of shapes depending on their placement or the function they’re intended to perform. Make sure to consult with a roofer to know which of these flashing types are needed for your home.

  1. Roof Valleys – Flashing is shaped like a “W” and placed on an area where two roof planes meet.

  2. Chimneys – Flashing is installed around the chimney.

  3. Skylights – Similar to chimney flashing, flashing for skylights is placed along the sides, base and saddle across the top.

  4. Drip Edges – Flashing is placed under the edges of roof rakes and eaves.

  5. Pipe and Hood Vents – Flashing is installed under the shingles above the vent.

  6. Step Flashing – Flashing consists of right-angled metal pieces, and it is used to protect the sidewalls of chimneys and skylights.

  7. Continuous Flashing – Flashing is installed between a vertical wall and sloped roof.

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