Clay vs. Cement Roof Tiles: Is There a Difference?

Clay vs Cement Roof Tiles Is There a Difference
18 Dec
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Clay and cement (also referred to as concrete) are the most popular tile roofing materials on the market. While these two are not diametrically opposite, they’re not interchangeable.

To understand the difference between these solid tile roofing solutions, let’s see how they stack up against each other in key areas.


Clay and cement are literally the heavyweights of the roofing world. However, the former is generally 40% lighter.

If you’re switching from clay to cement, the current design of your roof may not support the extra load. Structural reinforcement will be necessary, which will increase the complexity and cost of the construction.

Water Absorption

Clay absorbs less water than cement (6% vs. 13%). For this reason, cement tiles are more susceptible to mildew growth and stains. Also, the absorbed water makes cement much heavier.


Clay tends to be more prone to breakage due to extreme temperature swings. Cement doesn’t share such propensity to shatter or crack in frigid conditions, so it promises less climate-related roof repair frequency.

Fade Resistance

Historically, clay tiles age gracefully. They hardly lose their original color despite constant exposure to sunlight. Thanks to the manufacturing process of clay roofing products, they develop a non-porous finish that protects them from discoloration.

Cement doesn’t resist fading as well as clay does. Since cement tiles also stain over time, they’re more likely to show their age over the long term.


Like metal roofing systems, clay and cement tiles are some of the sturdiest roofs money can buy. Under the same conditions and with proper maintenance, clay can outlast cement up to three times its life span.

Choosing clay and cement tiles can be tricky, so consult Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. to make sure you consider all relevant factors before making a decision.

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