Determining Your Asphalt Roof’s Vulnerability to Wind Damage

Determining Your Asphalt Roof’s Vulnerability to Wind Damage
21 Jun
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When it comes to your roof, strong winds can cause costly damage and put your safety at risk.  It is also important to be mindful of high-speed windstorms that could happen in your area. To prepare yourself and your budget for such expenses, here are critical factors you should remember when considering a roof’s risk of wind damage.

1. Installation

The biggest factor that determines your roof’s wind resistance is the quality of the installation. For instance, improper nailing leads to a weak roof that is susceptible to wind damage. A large overhang can also cause a higher risk of damage due to its large surface area. Another installation problem that can weaken your roof is when your pitch is too shallow.

2. Materials

The roofing material determines how strong the roof is and how much it can withstand wind forces. Regarding your shingles, sheathing and deck type, you should check if they are thick and durable enough to resist strong winds.

3. Care

Roof maintenance also affects a roof’s wind resistance. For example, weak trees or those with untrimmed branches near the roof increase the risk of wind damage because strong winds can break branches and send them crashing onto the roof. When it comes to neglected repairs, damaged sections allow wind to get under the roof and cause damage.

4. Age

Decaying metals as well as loose nails and shingles are results of an aging roof and can mean susceptibility to wind damage. The best way to solve this issue is to hire professional roofers to design and install a new roof so that it can fully protect your house against wind forces.

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