Flashing Mistakes That Can Put Your Roof at Risk

Flashing Mistakes That Can Put Your Roofs at Risk
28 Apr
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Usually made from aluminum or galvanized metal, flashing is the material protecting the leak-prone areas of your roof. You’ll find it at exterior walls, valleys, chimneys, skylights and other protrusions. For this roofing component to do its job effectively, it must be installed properly. Poor workmanship can result in issues that can potentially lead to water damage.

Keep reading to learn flashing installation and repair mistakes that can put your roof at risk.

Delaying Repairs

Getting regular inspections can help you keep track of your roof’s condition. Inspections will allow you to catch issues early that could cause further damage to the rest of your home. If flashing repair is necessary, make sure to not delay it. Waiting long before addressing damage will only worsen the problem and lead to more expensive repairs.

Attempting to Do the Job Yourself

Roofing jobs require proper training and the use of the right tools. Repairs are often trickier than they seem, and mistakes during the process will increase the chance of leaks. What appears to be a small leak could be a sign of a more serious problem. Professionals are the best choice for these jobs because they go through extensive training and have experience tracking the origin of leaks.

Not Hiring a Reputable Contractor

Your roof protects your home from the elements. It helps improve your comfort and keeps your family safe. To ensure that your roof stays strong and lasts for decades, you must work with a reliable contractor for roofing installation, repairs and maintenance.

An experienced roof professional knows the correct materials and sealants for avoiding leaks. It’s never a good idea to hire roofing contractors only based on the price of their services. Consider how long they have been in business, their track record and the brands they use.

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