How Can a Roofing Contractor Help Ease Insurance Claims?

How Can a Roofing Contractor Help Ease Insurance Claims
15 Jul
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Filing an insurance claim for a damaged roof is a complicated process, but is one that your trusted roofing contractor can help you with. In today’s post, residential and commercial roofing company Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. explains how an experienced roofer can help you get a fair insurance settlement for your damaged roof.

Roofing Damage Assessment

Situations involving a roof that’s damaged by a storm — or similar circumstances beyond human control — usually go like this. The homeowner informs their insurance provider of the situation, who then sends a representative to assess the damage and collect required documentation. If you’re in this situation and you happened to get a knowledgeable and diligent insurance representative, then you’re lucky.

A roofing contractor can eliminate the uncertainty by helping you with the complaints process. In most cases, insurance providers defer to roofing contractors for identifying the nature and extent of the roofing damage and its estimated repair costs. In addition to an accurate assessment, your roofer can also be your advocate and help ensure fair compensation.


One of the most common causes of delays in insurance claims processing is incomplete or inaccurate documentation. Again, this is where a roofing contractor can provide invaluable assistance. Repair contractors can ensure accurate and complete documentation, and help you collect all other required documentation before they’re submitted to your insurance provider.


Once approved, insurance claims are usually paid out in two installments. The first check covers the down payment for the repairs, while the second check will cover the rest of the approved amount after deductibles. Having your roofing contractor on board at the very beginning can streamline the entire process because, as described above, they will help you with damage assessment, documentation, and now the repair work itself, eliminating the need to look up repair and restoration contractors once your claim is approved.

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