Flashing Mistakes That Can Put Your Roofs at Risk

Flashing Mistakes That Can Put Your Roofs at Risk
23 Dec
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A good roof with bad flashing will become leaky sooner rather than later. The flashing is responsible for covering the most susceptible areas of a metal, tile or shingle roof from water infiltration. Generally made of galvanized metal or aluminum, this component waterproofs the edges, joints and breaks along the roofing system. So, how can you protect this vital design element? Here are the biggest mistakes you should avoid.

Hiring an Incompetent Roofer

Not every contractor who claims to do roofing is competent. Applying a sealant can be tricky and leaves little room for error. Subpar workmanship will cause pieces of flashing to break or buckle prematurely.

Exercise your due diligence to identify an unreliable roofer when you meet one. Look for credentials like a license, insurance, and a certification before entrusting your shingle, metal or tile roofing project.

If a competent roofer told you that your aging flashing needs fixing, heed the advice. The longer you wait, the worse the problem could get.

Winter weather can compound the roof damage since water infiltration spells disasters to most construction materials. In the end, you may have to pay for a higher bill just for procrastination.

Agreeing to Reuse Old Flashing

If a roofer sold you used flashing to drive down your repair cost, say no and find a different contractor that wouldn’t even make such an outrageous offer.

Any piece of flashing that has been exposed to the elements has already aged. No matter how salvageable that used component may look and how low the price may be, always choose brand-new to effectively insulate your tile, shingle, or metal roof from water.

Let Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. inspect your roofing system thoroughly to spot everything that constitutes flashing damage. If you find any, we’ll discuss your options with you, so you can make an informed decision.

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