Four Important Roles of Roof Soffits

Four Important Roles of Roof Soffits
08 Apr
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People know that the roof is designed to protect your home from harsh elements, but what about it’s vulnerable underside? This is where the soffit comes in handy, but there’s more to it than just a series of panels lined up underneath the eaves. Today, our roofing experts talk about the roof soffit and its four most important functions.

1. A Physical Barrier

If the shingles make up the top layer of protection for your home. The roof soffits are your roofing system’s main form of protection against  harsh elements coming from underneath. Without sturdy soffit panels, wind can blow underneath a roof’s eaves, creating lift and causing severe wind damage to the deck, underlayment and shingles.

2. A Convenient Exit

When things get humid, air trapped underneath the roofing system could increase the risk of moisture-related damage, which is bad for the roof supports and metal components that can rust. Residential and commercial roofing systems will have some soffit panels that have air holes or fashioned as grates that serve as air outlets. This way, humid air can flow out and the roof’s inner structure can stay relatively moisture-free.

3. Gutter Point

Some gutter systems have downspouts that might look unattractive if exposed underneath the eaves. A soffit can have panels slotted to accommodate the gutter downspout, not only improving the look of the roof eave, but also providing some degree of stability to the downspout that might get knocked around by strong winds or rushing water runoff.

4. A Cleaner Look

A roof soffit isn’t just great for making the gutter look pretty; it’s also designed to hide other less aesthetic parts of the roof. Instead of having to look at underlying trusses or columns, you’re just looking at rows of neatly-textured panels that match the color of your home’s trim or siding. According to metal roofing experts, most soffit panels are made of metal or vinyl which are relatively easy to paint in order to complement the rest of the roof.

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