Granule Loss: Is it Time for a Roof Replacement?

Granule Loss Is it Time for a Roof Replacement
07 May
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Mineral granules are important in your roofing system. They not only provide added accent or style to your roof but also serve as protection for your roof’s shingles. If you observe a significant amount of granule loss in your roofing system, it may be time to consult your roofing contractor for help. But, before that, you may want to get more information about granule loss. This will help you understand more about granules’ importance to your roofing system.

Causes of Granule Loss

There are several factors which may cause granule loss on your roof.  The two common causes are aging and severe weather conditions. Through time, roofing age and it’s natural that some granules are lost. Severe weather such as strong winds or hail storms can also remove the protective coating of your roofing system.

How to Inspect Your Roof for Granule Loss

You can check out your roofing system for granule loss by observing your roofing system. Go outside and walk around your property. Examine the downspouts as well as your gutter system. Check if there are granule piles. You can also check if your shingles have discolored or bare spots. If you observe these signs, you can contact your roofing contractor for assistance.

When to Get a Roof Replacement

Granule loss on your roofing system does not necessarily need an immediate roof replacement. If there are only a few damaged shingles, you might be able to replace the shingles with new ones. No need for a lot of professional help with that. However, if you think that your entire roof is too old, too damaged and has a lot of granule loss, it’s time to request a roofing replacement from your trusted contractor.

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