How Attic Ventilation Helps You Save Money

How Attic Ventilation Helps You Save Money
13 Aug
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Did you know that sufficient roof ventilation not only saves your roof from moisture damage, but it also helps you reduce your monthly utility costs? In today’s post, a top roofer in your area, Dynamic Roofing Concepts, shares how proper attic ventilation can help you save on cooling costs during the summer months.

How Sufficient Attic Ventilation Helps You Save Money

Remember that warm air is lighter than cold air, so warm air will eventually sneak into your attic. However, if your attic doesn’t have exhaust vents, then warm, humid air will be trapped in your attic space. Besides the fact that heat can cause a damp environment that mold can thrive in, the trapped air can also cause your HVAC system to work harder to cool your home.

Your roofing contractor will tell you that the hot air will force your attic to use up more energy, leading to your monthly bills skyrocketing. To prevent this issue from ensuing, you have to ensure that your attic is well-maintained and ventilated. Don’t forget to check the condition of your heating and cooling unit as well.

How Much Ventilation Is Necessary?

Generally, there should be sufficient square footage of net free area where air passes through for every 300 square feet of floor area for attics with vapor barriers. If you have an attic that doesn’t feature a water barrier, then there should be a square foot of NFA for every 150 square feet of attic space. However, don’t overdo it since having too much ventilation leaves your roof at risk of leaks or water infiltration.

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