How Bad Contractors Cut Corners When Working On Your Roof

How Bad Contractors Cut Corners When Working On Your Roof
21 Apr
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Roof replacement can easily cost thousands of dollars for homeowners. Unfortunately, there are contractors who would rather just get the project done ASAP as without caring much about the quality of their work. Here are some ways that a bad roofing contractor may try to cut corners in your next project.

Using Poor Quality Materials

Bad roofing contractors are more concerned about lowering their bid than carefully checking out which materials are worth using for your roof. Because of this, you’ll get estimates that will most likely include cheap but poor quality materials. The quote may look more attractive, but it will eventually cost you a lot in the long run due to compromised roof performance.

Working With Under-trained Personnel

Certified roof repair experts like GAF Master Elite contractors charge more competitive rates because you get the assurance that they can get the job done. Bad subcontractors know that so they cut down their overheads by hiring personnel with lower credentials and are willing to work for cheaper payment. This greatly increases the risk of installation mistakes that can negatively affect your roof in the long run.

They Don’t Offer Good Warranties

A bad contractor cares more about being paid than the fact that the roof could experience problems later on if they cut corners. This is why you can’t expect them to offer warranties that could require them to work extra in order to correct roofing issues that were caused by their poor products or workmanship. Good contractors have strong warranties that back up the quality of their work.

They Don’t Follow Proper Manufacturer Specifications

Whether it’s shingle, flat or metal roofing, a roof performs best when its components are installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. This is exactly why our experts recommend hiring experts that have proper certification from the manufacturer. Their credentials serve as a form of assurance that they know how to install your roof correctly.

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