How Can Wind Damage Your Roofing System?

How Can Wind Damage Your Roofing System
22 Jan
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Whenever a storm is expected to hit an area, many homeowners start worrying about their roofs. While large amounts of rain can be a problem, the true threat lies in the strong winds brought about by bad weather. How exactly can strong winds damage a roof? Our roofing experts explain the specifics below.

Panels or Tiles Blown Off

The worst thing that strong winds can do to a roof is to tear it to shreds. Strong winds associated with hurricanes can literally blow shingles or tiles clean off the decking, exposing the more vulnerable parts of the roof system. This is why our roofers make sure that individual tiles are properly secured to minimize wind damage.

Warped Panels

In some cases, a complete roof blow-off isn’t needed for wind to do significant damage. This is especially true for roofs that have large panels. Metal roofing has to be secured either by strong fasteners, or even weights if necessary, to prevent wind from causing it to fold and warp.

Exposed Insulation

Whenever people talk about wind damage on the roof, most people think of damage to the topmost layers. However, few people notice the damage to the rest of the system, especially the insulation. Once strong winds expose the roof’s insulation, the home’s energy efficiency can be severely affected, which means you need to have the roof checked for insulation damage.

Roof Leaks

Strong winds are often responsible for causing major roof leaks in a home. Aside from tearing away individual roof tiles or panels, the wind can also cause an underlayment to literally peel away, especially if the underlayment is not properly secured. Because of this, we recommend getting your roof exclusively from certified commercial roofing experts like us.

Don’t let strong winds be a threat to your roof and the rest of your home. You can call us at (813) 257-9355 or fill out this contact form to request an estimate. Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc is the leading roofing company in Tampa, FL, and other areas in Florida.

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