Impressive Qualities of Our Single-Ply Membranes

Impressive Qualities of Our Single-Ply Membranes
23 May
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The utility of single-ply membranes is undeniable. On top of the usual detriments a quality roof is expected to endure, the harsh elements present in commercial settings require these specialized systems.

At Dynamic Roofing Concepts, we partner with the industry’s most trusted commercial roofing manufacturers to offer you premium single-ply membranes. Our well-rounded products deliver sought-after qualities, including the following:

High Energy Efficiency

Our TPO solutions keep your building cool and reduce your energy costs month after month. Perfect for applications where heat is a real concern, our energy-efficient roofing systems block most of unwanted solar radiation. Our single-ply membranes could come in a light color for maximum reflectivity and emissivity.

From a practical standpoint, our TPO options would prevent your air conditioner from working too hard. In turn, your cooling unit could run more efficiently and last longer.

Exceptional UV Defense

Apart from sending most of the sun’s infrared rays back to the sky, our roofing solutions take the ultraviolet radiation well too. Unlike regular materials, our advanced single-ply membranes have a unique chemical composition and formulation to inhibit sun damage. As a result, expect them to last and perform at a high level for a long time.

Improved Chemical Resistance

Although TPO is the all-around membrane, our PVC is more resilient to chemicals. We also recommend it when your roof will have grease and oil exposure. But if you really must use TPO, we could add a “sacrificial” layer to raise the level of protection of your roof to chemical sources.

Aesthetic Versatility

For a commercial property with a combination of steep- and low-slope roofs, our single-ply membranes could coexist in harmony with other materials. Our TPO and PVC options could complement the design of your metal roofing system for increased curb appeal.

Choosing the most suitable flat roofing system takes careful planning. You need a Florida company that specializes single-ply membranes to pick the most sensible solution for your commercial property in Tampa, FL. For your free estimate, call Dynamic Roofing Concepts now at (813) 257-9355.

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