Is Granule Loss a Sign You Should Replace Your Roof?

Is Granule Loss a Sign You Should Replace Your Roof
02 Sep
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Made from crushed stone and minerals, granules allow manufacturers to create asphalt shingles of virtually any color, size, and shape. These ceramic-coated granules also protect the shingles from ultraviolet rays and boost the material’s resistance to fire. When you notice an excessive loss of granules, you should let a roofer look into it and determine whether it is time to replace your roof.

Granules Loss on New Roofs

When granule loss occurs shortly after the installation, it is not usually a cause for concern. This is because when the ground-up rock particles are embedded in the asphalt shingles during the manufacturing process, some excess granules can get attached to the embedded particles. It is expected that these granules will fall off during and after the installation. However, it is still worth reaching out to a qualified roofing expert to ensure that you are seeing excess granules and not premature granule loss, which is often due to poor-quality shingles.

Granules Loss on Old Roofs

If your roof is approaching the end of its life, granule loss is definitely a sign you should call a roofing company to replace your roof system soon. On old roofs, shedding of protective granules occurs when the bonds between the asphalt shingles and granules become loose. Normal weathering and other severe conditions like hail storms contribute to this deterioration. While granule loss may not seem like an alarming issue, it can create further damage, like cracks on shingles and leaks in the roof, if left untreated for too long.

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