Key Factors in Metal Roofing Costs

Key Factors in Metal Roofing Costs
04 Sep
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The price for each metal roofing replacement depends on several factors, and not just about your material choice. To help you get started with your project, top roofing contractor Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. is here to discuss the different factors that can affect the cost of your new metal roof.

Roofing Configuration

In most roofing configurations, there are two significant things to consider. Roofs that have a very low pitch should take extra attention while very complex roof systems usually require more consideration. For instance, modular panels are never appropriate for roofs under 3:12 pitch. For roofs under 2:12 pitch, it’s usually inappropriate to have a standing seam metal roof because they’re crimped shut as a preventive measure against water leaks.

In terms of your roof’s geometry, the more complex it is, the more time consuming it will be to install. It may be a wise decision to invest in a metal roofing system that needs only little maintenance over a long lifespan to save money and additional labor costs later on.

Fasteners and Interlocks

Keep in mind that roofing systems that feature concealed fasteners use more metal per square foot, which usually requires more intricate and slower equipment for production. This also means the concealed fastener products are slower to install even by experienced roofing contractors due to the complex way the panels are fitted. While these products have interlocks on two or even all four sides, exposed fastener products simply overlap on their edges.

Exposed fastener products are typically cheaper than concealed fasteners, but they also mean more maintenance, and durability can be a concern as they loosen and leak over time. Meanwhile, investing in concealed fastener products can be more expensive, but you’ll benefit from their reliability and enhanced durability against the natural elements.


Most metal roofing systems don’t have their lifespans shortened by poorly vented attics, but when you’re planning to re-roof your home it’s still important to think about the efficiency of  the ventilation in your attic. Proper attic ventilation contributes to better energy efficiency by exhausting accumulated heat from the sun back outside, while also avoiding winter ice dams in colder climates. Your attic is also kept dry and free from mold with proper ventilation, as well as a good insulation material.

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