Should Metal Roofs Be Grounded?

Should Metal Roofs Be Grounded
30 Nov
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Metal is a popular roofing material that is incredibly durable, energy-efficient and long lasting. However, some homeowners are still concerned about metal roofs attracting lightning strikes due to the fact that metal can be an electrical conductor. Keep on reading to learn more about whether or not a metal roof can put your home at significant risk.

Protect Your Home From Lightning Strikes with a Metal Roof

The simple truth is metal roofing is perfectly safe. It does not attract attention from lightning solely for being made of metal panels or tiles. Moreover, any electrical energy from a lightning strike will be safely transferred to the ground, similar to other buildings built with traditional materials. Metal also has an inflammable nature, rendering your home safe should a lightning strike actually take place.

Lightning is attracted to high points, thin points and structures that cover a large area of ground. This means your residence being hit by lightning depends on its height and size instead of construction materials utilized, such as a metal roof or a shingle roof. Unless it is mandated by building codes, which vary by location, you do not have to ground your metal roofing.

A crucial thing to consider is how to decrease the potential for structural harm in case your house is struck. Fire is a destructive element that can come after a lightning strike. It is important to use building materials that are non-combustible like metal. Metal is a conductor, which allows the flow of electrical current in several directions. It will help diffuse the full impact of a lightning strike.

By building with steel and metal and pairing them with other fire-resistant products, your home is more likely to withstand a lightning strike than wood-clad buildings in your neighborhood.

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