Learn How to Look at Roofing Estimates Like a Pro

Learn How to Look at Roofing Estimates Like a Pro
25 Apr
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A quick Google search for guides about shingle roof contractors will return a few dozen results that repeat one popular strategy: compare estimates from two or more contractors. This practice makes sense for two main reasons. It can give you a more or less accurate (if rough) figure of how far a roofing project will set you back and it will also show you which companies are the most affordable. It’s important to remember, however, that costs do not necessarily mean value. Many roofing professionals will lowball you with a temptingly cheap quote but then skimp out later on quality.

As one of the most trustworthy roofers in the local area, let our experts at Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. explain roofing estimates to help you avoid falling for common price traps.

Material Costs

As far as materials are concerned, it’s important to look at an itemized list and compare them one by one. Material costs for common types of roofing such as a shingle or metal roof are basically standard across the board so you shouldn’t see much difference in them from different contractors’ estimates.

Labor Quality

On the other hand, labor prices can vary wildly. It’s inevitable that some contractors will quote you cheap labor but at a certain point you have to ask yourself, “Why are they willing to go that low for their own labor?” There is a high likelihood you’ll be paying for uninsured, uncertified and unlicensed roof work if you choose to go for cheap labor.

Warranty Coverage

Some roofing manufacturers will only honor their warranties if their products were handled and installed by contractors that are certified by them. As one of the few GAF Master Elite® installers in the area, Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. is able to offer the best warranties backed by GAF itself.

If you’re looking for shingle, metal or tile roofing, our professionals at Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. can help. Give us a call at (813) 257-9355 or fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate today. We serve homeowners in Tampa, FL.

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