Loose Asphalt Shingle Granules: Should You Be Worried?

Loose Asphalt Shingle Granules Should You Be Worried
13 Oct
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Asphalt shingles feature an outer layer of granules that protects the asphalt-soaked backing material from UV rays. Variations in granule color create the roofing colors that you can see from the ground. During your roof’s service life, some of these granules will come loose, and some homeowners worry about this. In today’s post, residential and  commercial roofing contractor Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. explains what causes asphalt shingle granules to come loose, and whether it is something you should be worried about.

Loose Asphalt Shingle Granules

Asphalt shingle granules are made with crushed stone and minerals mixed with coloring agents. These granules are embedded on rolls of still-wet asphalt-soaked backing material during manufacture. They are not laminated to the backing layer. It is normal for granules to come off the asphalt shingles right after manufacture, like breadcrumbs from newly-cut bread. Some of these loose granules make it all the way to the installed roof, which means finding a few granules in the gutters a few days after installation is also normal.

A few loose granules, as described above, are not something to be worried about. However, it is a different case if, years after roof installation, you start finding large amounts of granules in the runoff from your gutters. If this issue persists, it could result in “bald” shingles, which exposes the asphalt backing to damage from UV rays. Loss of granule adhesion usually happens when the asphalt shingles are too old and are due for replacement. If this happens early in the roof’s service life, it could be a manufacturing defect. External causes, such as impact damage from hail, may also be the cause.

How Are Loose Granules Fixed?

Your roofing contractor will first determine the cause of granule loss, and check if your warranty coverage has provisions for it. Most roofing warranties provide coverage for replacement if the cause is due to a manufacturing error. Certain types of roofing systems are rated for impact resistance, which may allow coverage for granule loss due to impact. Note that some external causes, like tree branches poking and scratching the roof’s surface, are generally not covered by roofing warranties.

Depending on the severity of the granule loss, the affected shingles will have to be torn out and replaced with fresh shingles. If done under warranty, your new asphalt shingles that match the rest of the roof. Note that if your roof is beyond its expected service life, you may need to look into replacing your roof soon.

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