Reasons Why Roofs Fail at the Seams

Reasons Why Roofs Fail at the Seams
06 Jul
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Your roof is supposed to protect your building from severe weather elements. When it starts to fail at the seams, serious damage such as leaks and rot can occur. In order to prevent seam failure, it is important to understand why it happens in the first place. A local roofing contractor tells more here.

Roof Membranes: Which Ones Are Prone to Seam Failure?

A torch down

Sometimes referred to as torch on roof membrane is installed using an open-flame propane torch. In this installation method, sheets of modified bitumen are rolled out, heated and adhered to the surface of the roof.

EPDM roofing

Is a single-ply synthetic rubber membrane. It can be glued or taped on and is mostly used on low-sloped or flat roofs.


Or built-up roofing, multiple layers of asphalt are applied between ply sheets over the deck and insulation.

Common Reasons Behind Seam Failure

  • Perhaps the most common culprit behind seam failure on roof membranes is weathering. Your roof is constantly exposed to rain, snow, ultraviolet rays and extreme temperatures. Over time, these elements can cause shrinkage and brittleness and gradually deteriorate your roof membrane. Any roofer will say that this is normal and expected.
  • If your roofing system has insufficient insulation, it will not be able to keep heat and humidity out, causing the underside of the membrane to swell. As a result, your roof will start to pull away at the seams, creating tears in various areas.
  • You also want to watch out for poor installation. Just because seams on roof membranes overlap does not mean they are sealed. A reputable contractor can ensure that your roof is sealed properly and does not have openings for trouble to start.

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