Reasons you Should not DIY Your Roofing Repairs

Reasons You Should Not DIY Roof Repairs
15 Jan
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There are several do-it-yourself projects around the average home that homeowners can solve without a problem. Replacing switch covers, hanging new doors, repairing sink drains, and installing new flooring are all projects that can be done by anyone with a little knowledge and a few common tools.

However, there are other home improvement jobs that are outside the scope of do-it-yourselfers. Many of those don't just require special equipment, experience, or knowledge; in fact, attempting them as DIY projects can also be quite dangerous.

riverview roofing repair and installation falls into that category, as there are many reasons to leave roof work to professionals.

To save money, many homeowners opt to do DIY repairs around their homes. Here are reasons why you should not do your own roof repairs and should call a professional roofer instead.

More Money Spent on Roofing Materials in the Long Run

Do-it-yourself roofing can actually cost you more due to increased material costs. Roofers get bulk discounts and can take advantage of volume buying to get the best possible price for roofing materials such as shingles, felt paper, and flashings. When you need to buy those materials on your own in small quantities, you'll pay a premium price, which will raise your project costs significantly.

DIY Roof Repairs Void Your Roof Warranty

Professional roofing companies typically offer a warranty on any roof work they perform at your home, which can provide confidence in the quality of the work and a safety net if issues do arise stemming from materials or workmanship. However, when you attempt to perform roofing work on your own, you'll get no such guarantee. If your roof fails for any reason, you'll only have yourself to blame.

You Could Have Insurance Problems

Damage and loss due to weather events, like strong winds or wildfires, are covered under homeowners’ insurance policies. But if your roof is not maintained properly before, say, a rainstorm, you could have trouble getting full reimbursement.

Roofing Work Can Be Delayed

It takes time to check the roof and actually complete the roofing work. A minor roof repair that takes roofing specialists a day can take homeowners several days or even weeks to complete. Between the safety hazards, day-to-day hassle, and cost of delays, surely professional roof repair services are the better option for you.

Roofing Work Can Be Dangerous

Working on your roof involves working at elevation, as you must use ladders or scaffolding to access the roof surface for replacement or repairs. That can create risks of severe injury, especially when you consider that most homeowners don't have access to the safety equipment that would be used by professional roofers. A fall from even a single-story roof could be life-threatening, so it's best to leave roof work to those who are trained and qualified to perform such tasks.

Roofing Takes Time

Roof repairs are not as simple as nailing new shingles to your roof! Roofers have years upon years of experience and know exactly what to do. If you were to go about repairing your roof on your own, it would take time to teach yourself how to do it and to gather the necessary tools and equipment. You don’t want to rush things and make costly mistakes! Calling a roofing company to get the job done quickly & efficiently is key.

Making sure your roof is in tip-top shape is important. Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. can assist you with quality roofing repairs and inspections, so you won’t have to worry about putting yourself at risk of a structurally unsound roof over your head! Contact us today to get your roof back in great shape in no time.

You Could Have an Accident or Serious Injury

Working on a roof requires you to climb to a significant height, which puts you at risk of serious injury due to falling. In fact, most roofing accidents occur because homeowners try to do DIY roof repair.

Roofing jobs require working with tools and roofing materials that can be hazardous if they’re not handled properly. It can be difficult for someone who isn’t a professional roofer to work on a roof safely without a safety net on standby, especially if they don’t have professional equipment or experience working at heights.

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