Roof Overlay Vs. Complete Tear-Off: Which Is More Practical?

Roof Overlay Vs. Complete Tear-Off Which Is More Practical
11 Sep
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When your roof reaches a certain age, one of the decisions that you’ll likely have to make is whether to opt for a roof overlay or a complete tear-off. Both of these procedures have their own advantages and drawbacks. Here to guide you is Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc., a trusted expert in metal roofing and other roof types. In this article, we’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of a complete tear-off and a roof overlay.


Overlay is usually cheaper because it requires less labor and less time to accomplish. If your main consideration for a roof replacement is economical, this would certainly be a great choice for you. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind if you opt for a roof overlay.

One of the most significant issues is that adding a new layer on top of your existing roof increases the weight on top of your home. This can especially be a cause for concern if you have tile roofing, which can be heavier depending on the specific material you have. Over time, the added weight may affect the structural integrity of your roof and home.


A tear-off means the removal of your existing roof so that an entirely new roof can be installed. The biggest advantage of this process is that you’ll be getting a completely brand-new roofing system. And since there are no more old components that may be more susceptible to rot or other damage, you can expect your new roof to last for several years. If you’re planning to sell your home, a tear-off would likely boost its resale value.

Choosing to tear off your old roof, however, comes with a few disadvantages. It takes a longer time to finish and involves more labor, which could easily add to your total project costs.

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