Shingle Cracking vs. Splitting: What’s the Difference?

Shingle Cracking vs. Splitting What’s the Difference
04 Jun
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Cracking and splitting are common problems with asphalt shingles. Left unaddressed, they can give rise to leaks, necessitating roof repair or replacement. The terms “splitting” and “cracking” are often used interchangeably. They may seem the same, but they’re quite different. Knowing the difference can help you get a more accurate assessment of your roof’s condition during routine inspections. The top-rated roofing contractor in Tampa, Florida, Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc., explains the difference between these two terms.

Shingle Cracking

Asphalt shingles are flexible and water-resistant, thanks to chemical compounds called volatiles, which are added to the shingles during production. Volatiles evaporate and gradually lose potency due to natural elements such as wind, snow, and rain. As their levels decrease, shingles turn dry and brittle, making them susceptible to cracking.

Roof repair experts associate cracking with aging or moisture. Craze-cracking due to aging typically occurs in organic or fiberglass shingles. However, excessive filler in the asphalt mix may also create the same problem. If your roof is relatively new, cracking is likely a sign of a weak mat or low-quality shingles.

Shingle Splitting

According to an expert roofer, thermal splitting occurs due to temperature fluctuations. During hot days, asphalt shingles expand, causing the joints between them to decrease in size. Cold temperatures, meanwhile, produce an opposite effect, causing your asphalt shingles to shrink.

Furthermore, the shingles connecting the underlying joints also shrink, and the bridging shingles become stressed. This then affects the effectiveness of the adhesive strips, which causes the shingles to split. Splitting puts your roof at risk of leaks and wind damage. It can occur in a diagonal pattern or randomly throughout your roofing.

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