Should You Get a Roofing Estimate or an Inspection?

Should You Get a Roofing Estimate or an Inspection
29 Oct
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Many people tend to assume the worst when their roof springs a leak, and go straight to asking for roof replacement estimates instead of having their roof inspected first. In today’s post, asphalt shingle and metal roof contractor Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. explains the differences between roofing inspections and estimates, and which situations call for them.

Roofing Estimates

A roofing estimate is a document that breaks down the cost needed to fix a specific issue. It lists the cost of labor, materials and the timeframe of the project. An estimate doesn’t always have the final cost locked in, as the cost of materials or other necessities, like fuel, may change until a contract is signed. Responsible roofing contractors would determine the root of the problem before drawing an estimate, there are inexperienced or unscrupulous ones who will take the homeowner’s word for it.

Some contractors use the terms “estimate” and “quote” interchangeably, but there are a couple of distinct differences. First, the costs stated in quotes can be guaranteed by the contractor for a certain period before the client decides to sign it. On the other hand, an estimate, as described above, may change until the client signs a contract. Second, a quote will become the contract once signed, while a separate contract will need to be drawn after a client reviews and approves the estimate.

Roof Inspections

A roof inspection is the process of inspecting every aspect of the shingle roof. The chief difference between hiring a roofer for an estimate and an inspection is that the latter doesn’t focus on a specific problem. During a roof inspection, every aspect of the roof will be checked for issues. Instead of simply patching a leak, an inspection will reveal why the roof was leaking. Other potential roof-related issues may also be found during inspection. Roof inspections are done at cost, but at the end of it, you will be given a repair and maintenance plan that can help prolong your roof’s service life, in addition to addressing the problem at hand.

Which One Do You Need?

The question you should ask yourself is, “how much do I know about my roof’s condition?” If you already know the cause of a roof leak, then you can go straight to getting an estimate. This can also apply in situations where your insurance provider will cover the repair costs, as they often require an estimate for filing your insurance claim. An inspection is needed if, using the previous example, you know there’s a leak, but you don’t know where it’s coming from or how to fix it.

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