Some Facts about Shingle Recycling

Some Facts about Shingle Recycling
29 Apr
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Last October 29 and 30, GAF sponsored the 7th annual Shingle Recycling Forum in Chicago. Organized every two years by the Construction and Demolition Recycling Association, this is the leading conference dedicated to promote shingle recycling. As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. takes pride in helping saving the planet by providing eco-friendly asphalt shingles. Here are some facts you should know about shingle recycling:

What is Shingle Recycling?

Simply put, shingle recycling is the act of taking the shingles from an old or failing roof and reusing them to create new ones. It is estimated that more than 11 million tons of roof waste are produced in the United States each year. Recycling a used asphalt shingle roof in Tampa, FL, however, can provide certain benefits.

The Environmental Benefits of Shingle Recycling

When you use a metal roof in Tampa, FL, you help preserve the environment through reduced landfill usage. Shingle recycling can do the very same. Recycled shingles can also be used to construct asphalt pavement, which lessens the need for new oil, leading to decreased dependence on foreign oil. Recycling the mineral part also helps conserve natural resources.

Economic Benefits

Environmental benefits aside, recycling asphalt shingles can also save money. Taxpayers can save when towns use this material for constructing pavement. This also lessens energy and material costs required of contractors. Lastly, recycled pavement can be reclaimed countless times, minimizing the use of new materials and preserving landfill space.

Other Benefits

The recycling process starts by separating the nails from the roofing system using a magnet found in recycling grinders. This results in 15 pounds of nails saved for every ton of tear-off shingles. In addition, many recyclers offer documentation of recycling for LEED® and other green building certification programs. If the recycling rate is over 50%, the project will be eligible for one point and can help a roofer get closer to developing more sustainable building options such as tile roofing in Tampa, FL.

Count on GAF Master Elite contractors like Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. to provide you with recyclable roof options for a greener planet. Call us today at (813) 257-9355 for a FREE estimate on our roofing products.

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