Starting With a Clean Slate: An Intro to Slate Roofing

Starting With a Clean Slate An Intro to Slate Roofing
18 Feb
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Roof replacement is one of the biggest home improvement projects you can ever undertake, and its effects—whether good or bad, unintended or not—can echo throughout the years. This is why roofing contractors find it odd that so few homeowners are concerned about which material will make up their new roof.

The material options are endless, but there’s one that’s simply a cut above the rest—slate. Here’s why your roof replacement should start with a clean slate this time around.

Aesthetic Options

Contrary to popular belief, slate comes in a variety of appearances, not just as black or dark gray. There are many types of slate as there are the quarries that produce slate. Roof repair and replacement specialists often call the slate they use for roofing as “natural slate,” although some may use the North American Buckingham slate (from Buckingham County, Virginia) with its gorgeous blue-black sheen.


One of the biggest reasons slate is used for roofing is its durability. The Spanish slate variety—particularly those quarried in Galicia, where 90% of the world’s production of slate comes from—is known for its water absorption index of 0.4%, which makes it nearly impermeable to water and frost. Thanks to these properties, the roofing industry first used slate in Spain, a tradition that continues to this day.

But slate isn’t just great for resisting water and the effects of moisture damage. Slate can also last for 90-100 years, evidenced by homes and buildings erected in the late 1800’s and still standing today. While brittle (which can be avoided by using the correct installation technique depending on the type), slate is similar to metal roofing in that it’s impervious to fire, rot and impact damage, such as from hail.

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