The Drawbacks to Durability: Slate Roofs’ Pros and Cons

The Drawbacks to Durability Slate Roofs’ Pros and Cons
31 Jul
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When it comes to durability, no other roofing material comes close to slate. Considering that it’s arguably the most durable roofing material on the market, and durability is a quality that’s essential to any roof, does that mean then that you should get a slate roof? Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc., your go-to company in the state for shingle roof systems, shares the things you’d need to consider first.

The Disadvantages of Exceptional Durability

Slate tiles can easily outlast the house they’re attached to, with many lasting more than a century. However, there are some drawbacks to this exceptional durability; one of them is that slate tiles are quite heavy. In fact, slate weighs at an average of 800 to 1500 pounds per square, which means that not all homes may be able to withstand the additional weight burden.

However, a home with structural reinforcement should be able to handle slate tile roofing with no problem. If you’re planning to install slate roofing and reinforce your home’s structure, keep in mind that this will add to the already hefty material costs of slate.

The Price Tag

Slate has a price tag that can match its exceptional durability. And combined with extensive structural reinforcement work, installation costs can quickly add up and blow your renovation budget.

Maximizing ROIs

If, however, you don’t really have any budget concerns, a slate roof would make a great choice; arguably, with a lifespan that can last a century, slate tiles have some of the best ROIs of any roofing material. Given the difficulty and cost of installing slate roofs, it would be a good idea to only hire a certified and experienced contractor. Doing so can also help you maximize your potential ROI.

Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc., a GAF® Master Elite® contractor with more than four decades’ worth of experience in the industry, offers a wide variety of premium roofing options, including slate and metal roof systems. To get a free quote, call us at (813) 257-9355 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Tampa, FL.

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