Statements You Never Want to Hear From You Roofer

Statements You Never Want to Hear From You Roofer
11 Dec
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Any roofing project involves numerous uncertainties; many of which are out of your control and impossible to determine until they happen or present themselves. Sudden inclement weather can affect the speed of construction. Unforeseen structural challenges can inflate the overall cost. Occupational hazards can damage materials or hurt workers, prolonging the duration of the project.

While there’s no eliminating such possibilities, you can reduce their probability if you pick the right roofing contractor. But how can you feel optimistic if your roofer doesn’t inspire confidence? To determine if your prospective contractor isn’t trustworthy, watch out for these statements:

This Type of Roof Isn’t Familiar to Me

In the roofing industry, domain expertise is everything. A master of one product is always better than a Jack of all installation techniques. Some roofers happen to specialize in multiple roofing solutions, and there are some who claim to know but can be just as clueless as you are.

You may not hear this phrase verbatim (or any of its variations), but you may be able to smell doubt or incompetence if you ask the right questions.

I Can’t Prove My Credentials

In the Sunshine State, asphalt-shingle, tile, slate and metal roofing contractors must obtain a license and carry adequate insurance to ply their trade. To boost their product proficiency and marketability, they secure certifications from interested manufacturers.

A credentialed roofer will be more than willing to provide you verifiable proof of such qualifications. Otherwise, this contractor likely just doesn’t have them.

You Need a New Roof

Most residential and commercial roofing problems aren’t beyond repair. Complete replacement shouldn’t be the only option and should be the last resort. Any roofer who offers to replace a not so old roof without a compelling explanation is probably just not adept in repairs, which require a different set of skills.

Whatever your roofing needs may be, rest assured that Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. will provide you an honest opinion and not make baseless claims.

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